ABUKAI Expenses Now Provides CSV Expense Data with 30-plus Attributes

Import Rich Transaction Data into Accounting and Expense Management Solutions; Eliminate Keying-in of both Cash and Credit Card Expenses

San Francisco, CA – April 5, 2011 – ABUKAI, Inc., the innovative leader in ACTIONABLE BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY, today announced that ABUKAI Expenses users can now also receive expense reports as detailed CSV files. ABUKAI’s CSV file contains over 30 attributes/transaction for easy import into existing accounting and expense management solutions.

“By supplying this many separate attributes in our CSV files, ABUKAI Expenses delivers more data about each transaction than electronic credit card statements provide and eliminates the need to manually assign cost categories,” said Philipp Schloter, president and CEO of ABUKAI. “Furthermore, since ABUKAI Expenses handles both cash and credit card expenses, users can enjoy a single, easy process to complete expense reports. Finance departments benefit from enhanced accuracy, more timely submissions and greater compliance with existing processes, while employees focus on core business activities instead of completing expense reports.”

The 30-plus attributes include specific transaction data including date, amount, vendor name, city, state and country. Moreover, ABUKAI Expenses provides accounting category and account number attributes (based on the customer’s chart of accounts for ABUKAI Custom Corporate Accounts). Custom Corporate Accounts can also receive a designation of reimbursable vs. company pre-paid for each transaction. Associated cost center/project codes can also be delivered (Optional features).

ABUKAI can also supply additional information such as employee location, employee ID number, title, unit designation and manager’s email address. Customers in markets like Germany can request VAT information as a separate attribute. Furthermore, ABUKAI CSV files include image IDs for the receipts captured and the name of the document containing all images associated with the expense report, so expenses can easily be reconciled with receipt images.

Many accounting or expense management solutions allow importing transactions from CSV files (e.g. through credit card or bank statement import features). If not, such import capability is likely easily configurable by your IT department, implementation partner or software supplier. Contact ABUKAI and your IT support to ensure a smooth import process.

ABUKAI Expenses utilizes an extremely simple two-step process with users taking pictures of their expense receipts while on the road or in their offices, then pressing “Submit” in the ABUKAI application. ABUKAI Expenses automatically completes the expense report and automatically sends it, with copies of the receipt images to the user’s email address. ABUKAI Expenses is compatible with iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

Visit http://abukai.com/install to download ABUKAI Expenses and receive three free report submissions, or contact ABUKAI here.

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ABUKAI is revolutionizing how companies conduct business by providing ACTIONABLE BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY™ solutions, which are based on new business thinking and supported by the latest technology. ABUKAI designs and delivers innovative solutions that significantly improve productivity for companies and their employees, while rapidly delivering ROI. ABUKAI Expenses substantially reduces the time and effort required to complete expense reports and increases reporting accuracy by leveraging the power of applications technology and networks. The ABUKAI Expenses solution is deployed at a range of corporate customers and has been reported to reduce expense report creation effort by over 80%.

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