Saves Time and Effort in Real Estate
Real estate staff can finally eliminate their piles of receipts. With ABUKAI, agents simply take photos of their receipts as expenses occur. ABUKAI then auto-magically generates the expense report - without agents having to spend time typing up the report - and electronically delivers the report to the finance person or accountant.

Grow the Bottom Line in Facility Management
Staff in property or facility management need to spend their time driving to properties, fixing HVAC systems, electrical, plumbing or other issues. They also need to buy the necessary supplies, fill out expense logs and submit all the receipts, often by physical mail or by dropping them off at an office. Then, another team needs to review the receipts and expenses, possibly reconcile each expense with the according purchase card statement, and, sometimes, invoice the client. Instead of field personnel turning wrenches, and making money, they spend their time on paperwork!

ABUKAI changes all that. With ABUKAI, typically, companies can achieve a productivity increase of 5%–7% in terms of total hours, which highly correlates to revenue as well as eliminate all postage costs.

Mobile, Easy-to-Learn Solution for Field Personnel
ABUKAI provides a simple, easy-to-learn solution that does not require a laptop or computer and can be used directly when purchasing supplies. Field personnel can also immediately select or provide an associated work order number.

Facility Management Optimized Work Flow for Central Finance Teams
Data can then get directly uploaded to a general ledger or property management software, or reviewed through ABUKAI's Corporate Receipt Review module or Approvals module. These modules have been developed in collaboration with some of the top property management firms globally, and can be configured specially for facility management. Staff can review receipts, make notes and/or run reports. Finance staff can also easily export receipts and data to generate client invoices, or in the case of an audit. With ABUKAI's long-term storage options, ABUKAI can also act as a system of record for all receipts and transactions.

Automatic Purchase Card Reconciliation
Optionally, ABUKAI can automatically match up the receipt data against purchase card transactions. This way reconciling purchase card statements becomes highly automated, and checking off paper statements becomes a thing of the past! ABUKAI will immediately identify any purchase card transactions for which receipts are still missing, making it easy to follow up with staff and to maintain full records of all transactions.

Case Studies

Millenia Commercial Real Estate (Download Case Study in PDF)
expense report Industry: Real Estate - Country: United States
“ABUKAI should be a mandatory tool for ALL real estate agents. I used to give my accountant a bag full of receipts at the end of the year and then she would have to categorize and total them up. Now I just take a picture and once a month I submit them. The expenses come back in an Excel or QuickBooks spread sheet and they are already totaled and categorized! I LOVE it and my accountant does to!”
Eric J. Ramirez, President
Millenia Commercial Real Estate

MDK Construction (Download Case Study in PDF)
expense report Industry: Construction - Country: Canada
“ABUKAI has been a life saver for keeping track of all the receipts and invoices that my team receives daily. What was once a paperwork nightmare is now an accounting dream. My bookkeeper’s time is much more efficiently spent on other tasks, which makes her happy as well. And for anyone who may not be as proficient using a smart phone, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use this app. If you can take a picture, you can use ABUKAI just as well. It’s the best productivity app for my business, hands down.”
Mitch Kleinstein, Owner
MDK Construction

Towne or Country RE (Download Case Study in PDF)
expense report Industry: Real Estate - Country: United States
“ABUKAI’s app/service is by far the BEST and EASIEST accounting app I have ever seen. All I have to do is take pictures and you guys do all the rest, i.e, keep copies of all my receipts, process and input all receipts by category into an excel spreadsheet, etc. I literally forward over my excel monthly reports along with my PDF receipts over to my CPA. This saves me at least 100 hours per year of things I don’t need to spend my time doing.”
Dave Giampietri, Real Estate Broker
Towne or Country RE