Educators, teachers, professors and personnel from non-profit organizations need to easily track expenses in a cost-effective manner.

Easily Montor and Control Expenses through Real-Time Tracking
Educational establishments and non-profit organizations face increasing pressures to save costs, including staff expenses. Spend needs to be managed in a straightforward and transparent way, as closely as possible to the date of purchase to reduce surprises. ABUKAI Expenses makes it easy and fun for staff to track expenses, while at the same time providing a more real-time feedback for finance as expenses occur. Finance or management can then directly see all expenses as they occur with ABUKAI's Receipt Review Module, creating a very transparent view of all expenses and providing the opportunity to monitor key expenses. With ABUKAI's Approval Module, rules can be enforced and expenses electronically rejected or reduced depending on an organization's policies.

Save Staff Time, and Encourage Staff to Increase Compliance
With ABUKAI Expenses, everyone gains access to a very straighforward way of filing expenses. Instead of having to manually enter each expense entry into an expense report, with ABUKAI Expenses, staff only needs to take photos of their receipts and ABUKAI Expenses does the rest. Through such a simple process, staff gets encouraged to participate in a meaningful way in cost control, stay compliant, and submit expenses on time.

Case Studies

FH Aachen - Aachen University of Applied Sciences (Download Case Study in PDF)
expense report Industry: Education - Country: Germany
“I’m very pleased with ABUKAI’s services. The expense reports look great and correctly display the German VAT amounts, required here in Germany. ABUKAI Expenses lets me get my expense reports done in no time - whether for my university duties or consulting projects... And once you commit to an account, you can start using ABUKAI Expenses almost immediately!”
Prof. Dr. Markus Focke, Faculty of Business Studies, Operations Management
FH Aachen - Aachen University of Applied Sciences