How much can you save with ABUKAI Expenses?

Just fill in the blanks below to see what you could save by using ABUKAI Expenses. You can use the report as a tool to convince your management to purchase an ABUKAI Expenses Corporate Account or to show them how much you saved the company if you have already.





$ /hour

Number of employees with expense reports

Number of expense reports per employee per month
   Typically 1-3/month. Sales reps or consultants often file 3 or more reports/month.

Hours spent to complete each expense report
   Typically employees save 1-1.5 hours/report by using ABUKAI on the go.

With an assumed cost per hour of
   Depends on company. For prof. services, put the billable hourly rate here.



$ /hour

Number of hours for manual data entry per expense report
   ABUKAI Expenses delivers electronic files for import into accounting systems.

Number of hours saved for review per expense report
   ABUKAI Expenses labels receipts and reduces errors, making checking easier.

With an assumed cost per hour of

    Yes     No

Does your company bill your expenses directly to its customers?

Months payment delayed by customer due to late submission
   Typically 3 months.

Interest rate
   8% WACC as opportunity cost is typically a good assumption.

$ /report


$ /report




$ /penalty
Avg. amount per expense report

% of expense reports submitted via express mail
   ABUKAI allows you to electronically mail your reports.

Mail fee per report
   For comparison: typically $15 in the US.

% of expenses not valid
   ABUKAI Expenses reduces error.

% of expenses not deducted from taxes due to mis-categorization
   Assumes 35% deduction. ABUKAI Expenses automates expense categorization.

% of employees who incur credit card late fees
   ABUKAI Expenses gets employees to turn in their expense reports earlier.

Late penalty fee charged to company per occurrence
   For comparison: typically $25 in the US.

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