In technology companies, employees are often a company's key asset. Innovation can create substantial returns for technology companies. And attracting the best talent and ideas is often key to developing an innovation edge.

Make Life Easy for Employees
PC Magazine Award-winning, ABUKAI Expenses eliminates all the cumbersome work associated with creating expense reports including typing data from receipts, categorizing expenses and looking up exchange rates. And frees up employees to work on their actual priorities instead of paperwork.

Step 1. Simply take a picture of each receipt while on the road or at the office.
Step 2. Press “Submit” whenever ready.

The user will receive their finished expense report with cost categorization, date, vendor and all the other information already filled in for them. In only 2 steps!

Excite Talent by Leveraging State-of-the-Art Technology
Instead of having to manually enter each expense entry, with ABUKAI's unique, state-of-the-art technology, users only need to take a picture of the receipt with the ABUKAI app. ABUKAI can recognize receipts from around the globe and automatically fills in all key data, including exchange rates - wherever employees are. ABUKAI's simple approach, combined with the mobile app and its unique technology, is an ideal tool to make the workplace more attractive for your key talent.

Gain aUn Edge through Real-Time Transaction Data
ABUKAI increases accuracy and compliance over employee-entered expense reports and can deliver real-time electronic transaction data with associated receipt images. Data can be directly posted into existing systems, or simply accessed and reviewed through ABUKAI's portal offerings. ABUKAI is a modern, mobile-first solution that can integrate with your existing ERP, archiving or document management systems.

Empower your teams and bring them the state-of-the-art expense technology, and, in turn, benefit from a more real-time view on the business!

Case Studies

VDE Americas (Download Case Study in PDF)
expense report Industry: Technology - Country: United States and Germany
"I’m very impressed with ABUKAI. I run a US-based wholly-owned subsidiary of a large German parent. Expense reports are sent to Germany for approval. The expense report coupled with the PDF file of all invoice images, numbered and sorted, makes for a very neat and professional submission. This reduces errors and speeds the approval process. I very much appreciate the convenience factor of simply snapping photos of receipts and then having the report processed for me.
We run a very efficient and lean operation. We cannot afford the administrative overhead effort to generate and manage expense reporting. The ABUKAI system is ideally suited to our cost efficient operation. It saves me time and effort, improves the approval process and is in alignment with our objective of being better, cheaper and faster. I highly recommend the service."
John Sedgwick, President
VDE Americas

Peter Kronowitt (Download Case Study in PDF)
expense report Industry: Entertainment - Country: United States
"ABUKAI just works, and saves countless hours of work. I had a significant amount of older expenses from the last several months and it just worked. Just take a picture of a receipt and the report produced is accurate, ordered and invaluable to assess taxes. I really appreciate the service."
Peter Kronowitt
Performing Songwriter

Eric Van Arsdale (Download Case Study in PDF)
expense report Industry: Entertainment - Country: United States
"What I love about ABUKAI is how simple it is to use. I don’t ever have to worry about saving receipts or inputting the data at a later date. ABUKAI has helped cut down my entire tax preparation down to about a third of the time of what it used to be. Everyone needs a good assistant and that is just what ABUKAI Expenses is, and a steal at the cost!“"
Eric Van Arsdale, Professional Stuntman, Hollywood
Captain America, Now You See Mee, Spider-Man and many others