Healthcare, pharma, biotech, and medical devices companies face increasing regulatory pressures and need to find efficient ways to track expenses and stay in compliance.

Make Life Easy for Staff
ABUKAI Expenses eliminates all the cumbersome work associated with creating expense reports including typing data from receipts, categorizing expenses and looking up exchange rates.

Step 1. Simply take a picture of each receipt while on the road or at the office.
Step 2. Press “Submit” whenever ready.

Users receive their finished expense report with cost categorization, date, vendor and all the other information already filled in for them. In only 2 steps! Instead of having to manually enter each expense entry, with ABUKAI Expenses, users only need to take a picture of the receipt.

Regulatory Compliance without the Hassle
Given ABUKAI's unique ease of use, staff has an easier time staying in compliance. With ABUKAI's electronic receipt recognition technology, ABUKAI increases accuracy and compliance over existing employee-entered expense reports. Expenses get filled into standardized data fields automatically by ABUKAI for maximum consistency. Moreover, ABUKAI can customize expense report formats and track additional information that may be required by for company processes. For example, ABUKAI can be enhanced for specific tracking of information required for Sunshine Act reporting, based on a company's preferred workflow.

Global Solution
ABUKAI can recognize receipts from around the globe and automatically fills in the appropriate exchange rates. Users just select their home currency within the mobile application and ABUKAI Expenses automatically converts all transactions into the home currency.

Integrates Easily with Other Systems
ABUKAI can deliver real-time electronic transaction data with associated receipt images that can be directly posted into existing systems, reducing finance’s effort as well. ABUKAI can also easily integrate with custom document archiving systems or existing workflow solutions, if needed.

Long-Term Archiving and Approval Flow Options
ABUKAI can also provide its own long-term storage options to archive expense data and the according receipts. Through the Corporate Receipt Review module, finance staff can easily pull up previous expenses, view receipts or export the data out-right, e.g. in the case of an audit. In addition, customers can utilize ABUKAI’s approval module to electronically manage approvals across the organization.

ABUKAI is the right partner for you to keep up with regulatory requirements and ABUKAI can custom tailor the solution to your organization's specific needs.

Case Studies

Synergetics (Download Case Study in PDF)
expense report Industry: Medical Devices - Country: United States and Europe
"ABUKAI’s convenient phone application and simplified work flow has created significant efficiencies for our sales organization and back office accounting functions. Our sales employees can spend more time on the important activities involved in selling and less time navigating and reconciling timely expense reporting requirements."
Mike Fanning, Vice President, Sales
Synergetics USA

LONZA (Download Case Study in PDF)
expense report Industry: Life Sciences/Biotechnology - Country: United States and Switzerland
“What I like most about ABUKAI is the friendliness of their customer service personnel and the dependability and ease of using the software from my smart phone. ABUKAI has been a great companion to our corporate SAP system, and has greatly simplified creating the expense reports.”
Charissa M. Pittman, ABUKAI Corporate Account Administrator