Saves Time and Easy to Use
PC Magazine Award-winning, ABUKAI Expenses eliminates all the cumbersome work associated with creating expense reports including typing data from receipts, and categorizing expenses. Best of all, with ABUKAI's mobile app, one does not have to type -- snapping a photo with the mobile app is enough!

Step 1. Simply take a picture of each receipt while on the road or at the office.
Step 2. Press “Submit” whenever ready.

Users will receive their finished expense report with cost categorization, date, vendor and all the other information already filled in for them. In only 2 steps! Instead of having to manually enter each expense entry, with ABUKAI Expenses, users only need to take a picture of the receipt.

Increases Accuracy and Compliance
ABUKAI increases accuracy and compliance over employee-entered expense reports. Given the ease of use, staff is more likely to submit their expenses on time. And ABUKAI can deliver real-time electronic transaction data, receipt images and reports through its portal as soon as a report has been analyzed. In addition, customers can utilize ABUKAI’s approval module to electronically manage approvals across the organization, and enforce policies.

Easily Integrates with Existing Systems
ABUKAI's can also help finance reduct effort. For example, ABUKAI can directly post transactions into existing systems, eliminating the need to re-key information. ABUKAI has flexibility to easily integrate with existing systems, including document, accounting or ERP systems.

Case Studies

Farmers Insurance (Download Case Study in PDF)
expense report Industry: Insurance - Country: United States
"For outside sales people who collect receipts and later have to piece their expense reports together, ABUKAI’s program has saved us a lot of time. Now, I take a photo of the receipt and I am done with it!."
Mario Bujas, Sr. Territory Manager
Farmers Insurance

Millenia Commercial Real Estate (Download Case Study in PDF)
expense report Industry: Field Sales - Country: United States
“ABUKAI should be a mandatory tool for ALL real estate agents. I used to give my accountant a bag full of receipts at the end of the year and then she would have to categorize and total them up. Now I just take a picture and once a month I submit them. The expenses come back in an Excel or QuickBooks spread sheet and they are already totaled and categorized! I LOVE it and my accountant does to!”
Eric J. Ramirez, President
Millenia Commercial Real Estate