ABUKAI Expenses Launches a New User Portal

Provides Online Portal for Expense Tracking and Integration with Existing Expense Systems

San Francisco, October 25, 2011 -- ABUKAI, Inc., the innovative leader in actionable business productivity, today announced a new User Portal for ABUKAI Expenses, which provides users with an enhanced experience to access and edit their reports, view statistics/graphs on spending and customize reports with relevant user information. The portal also enables users to request ABUKAI to link with their company’s existing web expense portal or existing Excel expense report format. ABUKAI users simply log on at http://abukai.com/user. The included setup wizard allows Trial Users and Individual Account customers to upload an existing Excel expense report or enter information about their existing web expense portal to request a proposal for customization and integration.

"The ABUKAI Expenses User Portal is a fast and effective way for customers to access and edit their reports, change settings and view data about their spending habits,” says Philipp Schloter, CEO of ABUKAI. He added, “ABUKAI Expenses is designed to be the simplest, most comprehensive way to track expenses and the new portal offers another layer of enhanced capabilities. With the User Portal, users can directly request to link ABUKAI with a company’s web expense portal or an existing Excel expense report they can upload.”

Special features of ABUKAI Expenses User Portal are:
• Edit past expenses and export them into new reports (this also allows selecting certain receipts and then exporting them into a new report).
• View statistics on your expenses - various different graphs (time, by location, by category etc.) are available.
• Access document archive - past reports documents for download, also includes JPGs files to download individual receipt images instead of a PDF.
• Edit user profile – for Individual Accounts and Trial Users (e.g. name, address, manager, employee information etc.) that can be used to fill out expense reports. Of course if the expense report doesn't use that information, it won't get used. For corporate account customers, the profile shows account settings but not allow the user to edit their employee details (that's done through the ABUKAI Corporate Account Portal).

With ABUKAI Expenses, capturing and recording expenses is radically simplified into an easy two-step process:
• Using a smartphone, take pictures of the receipts while on the road or in the office.
• When finished capturing all the receipts, simply push “Submit” in the application and ABUKAI will turn the receipts "auto-magically" into a finished expense report.

Unlike other expense report offerings, ABUKAI Expenses users do not ‘key’ information into mobile devices or computers. ABUKAI automatically creates the expense reports, with cost categorization, date, vendor and other required information already filled in. Even currency conversion is automated. Once a report is created, it is sent via email to a preferred email address along with a PDF document with copies of the receipt images for the expenses in that report. For corporate account customers, ABUKAI offers several options to input expense data directly into existing expense management or accounting systems accommodating many of the data formats most commonly used for that purpose.

Visit http://abukai.com/install to download ABUKAI Expenses and receive three free report submissions, or contact ABUKAI here. ABUKAI may be downloaded from the iPhone App Store, Android Market or BlackBerry AppWorld.

Existing customers or trial users can immediately access the User Portal without any extra charge by registering for an online password at http://abukai.com/user. Users need to register with the email address already used with ABUKAI.

ABUKAI is revolutionizing how companies conduct business by providing ACTIONABLE BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY™ solutions, which are based on new business thinking and supported by the latest technology. ABUKAI designs and delivers innovative solutions that significantly improve productivity for companies and their employees, while rapidly delivering ROI.

ABUKAI Expenses substantially reduces the time and effort required to complete expense reports and increases reporting accuracy. ABUKAI Expenses has users in over 90 countries and its extremely simple two-step process substantially reduces the time and effort required to complete expense reports while simultaneously increasing accuracy. ABUKAI Expenses easily integrates with existing systems, and can be deployed within a matter of days without the need to replace existing systems or processes. ABUKAI Expenses has been shown to all but eliminate expense report creation effort.

ABUKAI, Inc. was recently named one of the top 10 companies to watch at GSMA’s Mobile World Congress, the largest and most prestigious telecommunications industry conference with over 50,000 participants. ABUKAI is a Global Business Travel Association allied member company.

ABUKAI Global PR Contact:
Michelle Marin
+1 646 670 7441