ABUKAI Expenses™ Enables Direct Posting of Expense Data into Xero Accounting Software

ABUKAI Partners with Xero to Promote New Services to Customers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 29, 2012 - ABUKAI, Inc., the innovation leader in providing actionable business productivity solutions, announced today their partnership with Xero, Ltd., award-winning provider of online accounting systems for businesses.

The partnership will enable customers from both companies to benefit from their cooperative endeavors. Initial efforts include availability of a direct integration between ABUKAI Expenses and Xero and cross-marketing activities.

“This partnership with Xero is a great example of how ABUKAI Expenses can work with other systems,” said Philipp Schloter, president and chief executive officer of ABUKAI. “Xero customers can now directly feed their business expenses into Xero with ABUKAI Expenses. They just take photos of their receipts and the expense data gets directly posted into Xero, without the user ever having to key-in their receipt information. Expenses get automatically categorized by ABUKAI based on the chart of accounts configured in Xero.”

Xero accounting software gives small businesses and their advisors easy access to bank transactions, invoicing, and reports anytime it’s needed, from anywhere in the world where they can connect to the Internet. “With ABUKAI joining our add-on Partner Network and the streamlining integration with ABUKAI Expenses, we’re able to offer Xero customers a greater choice of tools to help their business succeed, ” says Xero US President Jamie Sutherland.

“ABUKAI is a great time and cost saving application. Integrating with XERO has enabled the reimbursement and accounting of expenses much easier, “ said Roger Clark, Manager-Secretary of Ozanam House, a non-profit organization based in New Zealand.

ABUKAI‘s expense report solution, ABUKAI Expenses™ can provide significant savings as it completely transforms how employees create expense reports. Users take pictures of their expense receipts with their smart phones and then submit them for processing. ABUKAI Expenses “reads” the receipt images, converts the data, and automatically enters the correct information into an expense report, organized in the appropriate accounts. This produces both time-savings for businesses and produces more accurate and timely reporting of business expenses. Any ABUKAI Expenses user can now directly link ABUKAI to Xero through the ABUKAI User Portal or through the customization form within the ABUKAI Expenses mobile application. Corporate accounts are available as well.

For more information how ABUKAI Expenses works with Xero, please visit http://abukai.com/?id=xero. To sign up for an ABUKAI Expenses account today, visit here. To learn more about ABUKAI partnership opportunities, please visit http://abukai.com/?id=partnerships.

ABUKAI is revolutionizing how companies conduct business by providing ACTIONABLE BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY™ solutions, which are based on new business thinking and supported by the latest technology. ABUKAI designs and delivers innovative solutions that significantly improve productivity for companies and their employees, while rapidly delivering ROI.

ABUKAI Expenses substantially reduces the time and effort required to complete expense reports and increases reporting accuracy. ABUKAI Expenses has users in over 90 countries and its extremely simple two-step process substantially reduces the time and effort required to complete expense reports while simultaneously increasing accuracy. ABUKAI Expenses easily integrates with existing systems, and can be deployed within a matter of days without the need to replace existing systems or processes. ABUKAI Expenses has been shown to all but eliminate expense report creation effort.

ABUKAI, Inc. was recently named one of the top 10 companies to watch at GSMA’s Mobile World Congress, the largest and most prestigious telecommunications industry conference with over 50,000 participants. ABUKAI was recently awarded the Editors’ Choice Award by PC Magazine. ABUKAI is a Global Business Travel Association allied member company.

About Xero
Xero is beautiful, easy to use online accounting software for small businesses. It offers invoicing, billing and has daily bank feeds. Small businesses get to control their cashflow in real-time and collaborate online with their advisors - accountant, bookkeeper, financial advisor, business partner etc. Xero is the emerging leader in the global online accounting space with 250,000 users in 100 countries. The company's US team is based in San Francisco.

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