ABUKAI Announces New Integrations with Dropbox, Google Apps and LinkedIn

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 27, 2013 – ABUKAI Inc., revolutionizing business productivity solutions, today announced new integrations with Dropbox, Google Apps, and LinkedIn for ABUKAI Expenses, the quickest & easiest way to create expense reports.

The new integration with Dropbox, enables individual account users to automatically get a backup of the generated expense report documents directly onto their Dropbox account. Now when an user take a photo of a receipt on their smartphone, ABUKAI automatically extracts the information from the receipt, creates the expense reports and archives a copy on Dropbox, saving time and increasing productivity. This type of integration is an example of how ABUKAI can partner with cloud storage and document archiving vendors.

Additionally, ABUKAI is now available in the Google Apps Marketplace, Google's online storefront for Google Apps™ products and services. By integrating with Google Apps, ABUKAI allows customers to reach the ABUKAI User Portal directly from Google Apps, without needing separate credentials. The Google Apps Marketplace makes it easy for more than 5 million businesses using Google Apps to discover, purchase and deploy integrated business applications and related professional services. This is an example of how ABUKAI can partner with cloud market places for single-sign-on and other functionality as part of an integrated cloud suite.

And with the LinkedIn integration, ABUKAI is leveraging the professional network’s open platform program so customers can notify their contacts when they processed an expense report and help promote ABUKAI to friends and colleagues. This integration is an example of how ABUKAI can partner with professional and social networks.

“At ABUKAI, we’re continually exploring new kinds of partnering models that enhance the experience, streamline the process and improve productivity for our customers,” says Philipp Schloter, CEO of ABUKAI. “We’re delighted to announce these new integrations with Dropbox, Google Apps and LinkedIn. We are building upon our strategy to partner with expense and accounting software vendors, by providing new partnership opportunities for cloud storage and document archiving vendors, cloud market places, and social networks.”

In 2012, ABUKAI announced partnerships with Insperity and Xero, among others, enabling ABUKAI users to directly post their expenses into cloud expense and/or accounting software.

With ABUKAI, users do not ‘key’ information from the scanned receipt. ABUKAI “auto-magically” creates the expense report line item for the user, with cost categorization, date, vendor, currency, amount and other required information already populated. As a result, users submit timelier expense reports that require less manual checking.

Visit http://abukai.com/install to download ABUKAI Expenses, or contact ABUKAI at http://abukai.com/?id=contact. ABUKAI may be downloaded from the iPhone App Store, Android Market or BlackBerry AppWorld.

ABUKAI is revolutionizing how companies conduct business by providing ACTIONABLE BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY™ solutions, which are based on new business thinking and supported by the latest technology. ABUKAI designs and delivers innovative solutions that significantly improve productivity for companies and their employees, while rapidly delivering ROI.

ABUKAI Expenses substantially reduces the time and effort required to complete expense reports and increases reporting accuracy. ABUKAI Expenses has users in over 90 countries and its extremely simple two-step process substantially reduces the time and effort required to complete expense reports while simultaneously increasing accuracy. ABUKAI Expenses easily integrates with existing systems, and can be deployed within a matter of days without the need to replace existing systems or processes. ABUKAI Expenses has been shown to all but eliminate expense report creation effort. NASDAQ recently named ABUKAI Expenses one of the top five apps for finance, and Staples named ABUKAI one of the six best mobile apps for small business. PC Magazine awarded ABUKAI the Editors’ Choice Award and selected ABUKAI as one of the top 20 cloud services.

For more information, visit http://abukai.com.

ABUKAI Global PR Contact:
Michelle Marin
+1 646 670 7441