Finish expense reports in seconds, and easily post your expenses and invoices to FreshBooks

ABUKAI Expenses can immediately help you save time creating your expense reports or entering invoices. ABUKAI Expenses eliminates all the cumbersome work associated with creating expense reports and invoices including typing data from receipts, categorizing expenses and looking up exchange rates.

Step 1. Simply take a picture of each receipt or invoice with your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android device while on the road or at the office.
Step 2. Press “Submit” whenever you are ready.

You receive a completed expense report with cost categorization, date, vendor and all the other information already filled in, along with a copy of all the receipt images. In only 2 steps! ABUKAI Expenses automatically creates the expense entries for you. Even better, with the new FreshBooks Integration, ABUKAI Expenses will directly post all transactions into FreshBooks for you. The FreshBooks Integration is available for Standard Corporate Accounts or Custom Corporate Accounts.

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ABUKAI with FreshBooks

Additional Options
ABUKAI can enable an "out-of-pocket" feature that enables ABUKAI Expenses users to distinguish out-of-pocket expenses, reimbursable to the employee, from company-paid purchase invoices. With this option, ABUKAI users can easily scan both company-paid expenses/invoices as well as their travel expenses.

ABUKAI can also enable the “multi-activity” feature which allows users to track multiple expense reports simultaneously and can be used to track expenses against different clients in FreshBooks.

For FreshBooks customers in Canada, Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, or other countries with VAT, ABUKAI can also enable the optional VAT module to recognize tax amounts from receipts and add them to FreshBooks for VAT reclamation purposes.

ABUKAI also offers an optional Approval module that allows any possible routing of expenses and invoices for approvals per your requirements.

Please contact ABUKAI Sales to request your custom quote here.

Connecting ABUKAI Expenses with your FreshBooks Account
When you sign up for your ABUKAI Standard Corporate Account, please indicate under "expense report format" that you would like to utilize the Direct Upload to FreshBooks. Once you receive the log-in information for your ABUKAI Corporate Account, please follow these two steps:

1) Log into your ABUKAI Corporate Account portal at
2) Click “Authenticate” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once ABUKAI Expenses and FreshBooks are linked, each expense report submission will appear directly in FreshBooks as expenses, including all the key data.

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